Newsletter #1 | A gift for you

Updated: Oct 28

I woke before the sun, ready for coffee and yoga. But instead of bending and balancing, I fell in the middle of the mat.

My head swirled as I grasped for a pen and paper. I needed to write down the ideas, circles and exclamation points that had exploded in my mind before they disappeared. I was a woman possessed.

When I finished yoga and scribbling, three lines stood out.

--> Share something new.

--> Share something inspiring.

--> Share The List

What's The List?

It's a spreadsheet of all the mind, body and motivation books and podcast titles that empowered me to end sentences with the word yet instead of but. And I'm going to share it with you, dear reader. Who knows? Maybe it will empower you, too.

To view The List, just CLICK HERE and say, "Yes, share The List with me." It's that simple.

I'll still write stories. But I want to start a new conversation and the only way to do that is to...well...start a new conversation. And what better way than to share the words that inspired me to write in the first place.

The List will be updated every time I discover something new. It will include hyperlinks to websites or book stores. And notes will be hidden in the spreadsheet cells to tell you why I chose the title in the first place. I loved making it. I hope you love it, too.


Thank you for reading and please share this newsletter with fellow book and podcast lovers. Access to the list is FREE!

If you're new to Too Quiet to Quit,

start with CHAPTER 1 and keep going.


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P.S. The blog is now a "newsletter" because I want to start a new conversation.

I'm not married to the label, but it's a starting point. < ---- this is me embracing change.

P.P.S. Yes, I'm going to read the yellow book with the intriguing title featured in the cover photo.

Photo Credit: Suzy-hazelwood-1130980