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About me...

I am a professional singer. I was a professional singer. People used to pay me to sing.


For almost two decades, my voice was fine. Then suddenly, a hidden force grabbed me by the throat and made me the star of my worst nightmare. From green rooms to waiting rooms. From voice lessons to voice doctors, this is my story.


Chapter 1 starts in the middle of my story. I’ll take you forward and backward to fill in the gaps. AHA! moments will be exposed in real-time, and the voice you hear at the beginning might sound different at the end. And I don’t have an ending yet. I’m just getting started.



Marcia Whitehead sang professionally as a Mezzo-Soprano on Canada's Operatic and Symphonic stages until Muscle Tension Dysphonia brought her career to a halt. Over seven years she pressed on with doctors, procedures, yoga mats, side hustles and a funeral until she finally woke up to a new voice and a clear mission: figure out what the hell happened. Then, warn all the singers. 

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